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Wellcamp newest expandable container house PLUS

Wellcamp newest expandable container house PLUS


Wellcamp newest expandable container house PLUS

Products special features:
√Adjustable loading roller
√Adjustable stand

√High-strength hydraulic support rod
√Porchlight can be optional
√Foldable canopy
√High-end hidden latch


Standard and certificate:

√The USA, German, Australia.
ISO9001:2015, SGS, UL, BV, CE

Product description:

Size: 7L*4.8W*2.5H (Empty) 1sets/HQ

Steel structure: galvanized steel

Roof100mm glass wool +Steel sheets / 50mm EPS sandwich panel (extension part)

Wall: 50mm EPS sandwich panel

Floor: Steel structure + Bamboo composite board + PVC tile flooring

Window: Aluminum up-swing or double-glass sliding (install in local)

Included pre-fixed electric system and sanitary ware

Kitchen: Optional floor-standing cabinets


Optional enhancement:

Inspired by the caravan,design to let our customer can have a more enjoyable home, mobility and security is our lasted upgrade,4 detachable Solid tire with hydraulic lever welding on the steel structure, can be connected with the truck,EASY TO ASSEMBLE! you can drive your car with the container home to travel and enjoy the beautiful views. Add shutter door for the first entrance,the inner door still the double open door or glass sliding door.DOUBLE PROTECTION! Make you have a safe mobile home!

More Detail

Wind resistance:

Grade 10

Earthquake resistance:

Grade 8

Snow load capacity of roofing:


Live load capacity of roofing:


Wall permitted loading:


External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient:


Wall and roof panel:

EPS/Glass wool/PU

Weight of the container:

2.5T (EPS)

Payment Term:

T/T accepted

Delivery Term

Ex-factory, FOB, CIF terms accepted

Delivery Time:

Normally 20-30 days

Designed Life:

15-20 years


1 set


Can be Customized

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