WELLCAMP specialized in container house for more than 14 years experience. Here are 3 kinds of classic highly recommend to you,

including folding container house, detachable container house and steel structure. Our product sold to more than 50 countries already

and received high prase from different customers.

Folding Container House

Galvanized steel structure

40mm IEPS fireproof & waterproof panel

Easy installation & high quality

+ F02

Detachable Container House

Galvanized steel structure

50mm IEPS fireproof & waterproof panel

Fresh design and Economic cost

Steel Structure

H Beam for main steel structure

Single steel sheet & sandwich panel

50 years of life & Fast construction

Hook up

Set the folding container house horizontal on the flat surface,use ropes and steel hooks (total 4 parts)to hook up the folding container with crane.

Lift up

Lift up folding container slowly & gently to form overall frame.

Flip up

Flip up two sides gable wall carefully & not scratch the wall.

Set up

People outside assemble the flit up wall at each angle column by

bolts & Tighten inside by wrench,then go on the another wall.

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