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Why Container Houses Matter At Earthquake

Why Container Houses Matter At Earthquake


A magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook Western California on 5th July 2019 and was felt in the Los Angles area, considered the strongest in nearly 2 decades. Several fires and injuries were reported in Richcrest after the quake. For those who lost their homes in the disaster, settling them down is no doubt a top priority. Container housing has been widely used in many European and American countries. It is more than likely the top container houses leading brand Wellcamp has them covered. From container villa to prefabricated houses, and everything in different styles are all available. Not only the price sure to make buyers smile, but its rich professional production experience can also make buyers rest assured. 

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“We are always thankful to our valued customers and focus on the details of products and high standard,” commented a spokesperson from Wellcamp. “Rich cooperation experience with buyers from all over the world is one of our absolute advantages and we hope more people can benefit from our container houses.”

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Lots of people still hold big misunderstanding about steel structure container houses, be afraid of unstable structure and high price. However, on the contrary, compared with the traditional reinforced concrete and brick houses, container houses for office or living has a strong bearing capacity. This is why every country after the disaster, especially the earthquake, will choose them as relief stations. Wellcamp has played its parts in many of the world’s natural disasters over the years, such as the earthquake in Iran, to provide various waterproof and stable prefabricated houses as shelters. 

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The feedback from customers for Wellcamp has been overwhelmingly positive. A customer from the United States recently said in a praising mood, “I adore Wellcamp. They always have something I love, the quality is great and they install very quickly and smoothly. What more could I ask for? Totally recommended.”

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