Video marketing refers to the network platform based on the video website as the core. The content is the core and creative, and the purpose of product marketing and brand communication is realized by using the carefully planned video content. It is a combination of “video” and “Internet”. Advantages of having a TV movie, such as strong appeal, diverse forms, novel ideas, etc., and advantages of Internet marketing such as interactivity, active communication, fast communication speed, low cost, etc.; Beautiful "micro film"


Wellcamp group has Micro Film, Company Video and Product Video ,we have professional design team to make all kinds of vidoes.Two micro films you can check here, they are for folding container house;There are some vidoes to introduce Wellcamp.also we have more professional videos for products, such as,folding container house, flat pack container house,detachable container house,container villa projects, shipping container house and so on.

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