2022 Qatar World Cup container house,3000 sets per month

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2022 Qatar World Cup container house

Container houses are a fashion-oriented building system that can be moved anywhere, anytime, to provide people with a more convenient and comfortable life. The solar photovoltaic panel can be used for indoor electricity, the solar water heater can be heated and supplied with water, and the indoor shower and domestic water are discharged by the sewage treatment system for reuse. Container houses of different sizes can be made depending on the number of people.

This type of residential container is mainly rented to workers on the construction site, and there are also some private purchases and leases. The biggest advantage of a resident container is that it is cheap.The traditional concept of housing is out of date, which has inspired people to think about the space of self-living. Using containers to build a house is one of the new ideas. It is environmentally friendly, saves time and effort, is very flexible, and provides more choices for homes than traditional houses. Individuals, families, and even a community.

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