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know more about Expandable Container House


Brief introduction to let you know about what Expandable Container House is provided with? And what it`s all about? Sure, why not!


Luxury design modular expandable container house

1.  Expandable Container House Main components

WELLCAMP expandable container house is a kind of modular prefab house. The overall structure of the expandable container house is stable, and the installation is quick and convenient. As long as the windows and doors are fully designed and equipped, they can be widely used in holiday houses, mobile clinics, site offices, and camping sites.


The main body is a galvanized steel frame structure, which is composed of a top frame group, corner pillars, bottom frame, and maintenance plates.


Roof: 100mm Glass wool insulation for roof

Floor: 15mm bamboo plywood board+3.5mm PVC tile

Wall: 50mm EPS sandwich panel for wall

Window: Aluminum sliding windows (4 sets)

Door: Aluminum glass sliding door for the front (Double Glass)


2. Luxury configuration

1) expandable awning+2 Porch Lighting for front door

2) Fixed bathroom includes sitting down the toilet, exhaust fan, shower room with shower head, washing basin with mirror, towel rack.

3) Cabinet with sink

4) Include electrical system (Lighting, wires, switch, sockets, electrical box, etc...)

5) Include water plumbing system

6)Adjustable support under


3. A variety of designs to meet all your requirements

27mtype: 5.8M*4.8M*2.5H(open size)  

                 5.8M*0.7M*2.5H(close size)

Total 27.84 square meters.1*40’HQ shipping container can load 6 sets. Empty room inside.

30mtype: 5.8M*5.2M*2.5H(open size)  

                 5.8M*1.1M*2.5H(close size)

Total 30.16 square meters.1*40’HQ shipping container can load 4 sets. Empty room inside.

      36mtype: 5.8M*6.3M*2.5H(open size)  

                5.8M*2.2M*2.5H(close size)

Total 36.54 square meters.1*40’HQ shipping container can load 2 sets. This size can be empty design, 1 bedroom 1 bathroom design, and 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom design. Customers can choose the design they want.



4. Very easy and fast to install

One house can be installed without a crane by four steps. Only need 6 workers 1 hour, then the luxury and beautiful house can be installed.


5. Advantages of expandable container house

1) Convenient transportation, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites.

2)Sturdy and durable, all made of galvanized steel, stable and firm, good shockproof performance. It has a strong anti-deformation ability; good sealing performance and strict manufacturing process make this kind of mobile room have good water tightness.

3) Develop personalized art with the characteristics of personalized creation. Make it personalized, in line with personal characteristics and pursuits.

4)Compared with the traditional container house, an expandable container House comes with faster installation and better waterproof performance.  Convenient disassembly and assembly, superior performance.

5) Good quality and low price, reusable, environmental protection, and energy-saving. It is your best choice.


6. Multiple uses of expandable container house

1) Can be used as an isolation room in a hospital. Has been recognized by society.

2) Can be used as a showroom. Our Chilean customer bought four sets in his hardware store to be used as a showroom.

3) Can be used as a mini office or workers’ accommodation.

4) Can be used as a family house. Two bedrooms and one bathroom design. Let you quickly have a warm home.

5) Can be used as a place to rest on your vacation. Stay away from the noisy city and enjoy your own time in the suburbs.


7. Not only a container house but more like a villa.

After carrying out the interior decoration of the expandable container house, and equip it with a bed, sofa, and other furniture and electrical equipment. This expandable container house is almost the same as the house we usually live in. Even after exterior decoration Design the expandable container house so that the finished home is looks like a villa that everyone loves.


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