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Great success! Why do so many customers choose WELLCAMP?


Recently, the 135th Canton Fair was successfully held from April 15 to May 5, 2024 in Guangzhou. As the oldest, highest level, largest scale, widest coverage, most exhibitors, and most effective comprehensive international trade event in China, the Canton Fair provides a platform for top global companies, suppliers, and purchaser to showcase products and technologies, and to achieve new cooperation.

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At the 135th Canton Fair, the WELLCAMP team once again achieved remarkable results. During this Canton Fair exhibition, the WELLCAMP team continued to demonstrate 100% professionalism and received over 1200 batches of domestic and foreign enterprise representatives and buyers. The countries that have negotiated cooperation include the United States, Australia, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, etc. Professionals from all over the world and industries have shown strong interest in the numerous product lines of WELLCAMP, and have highly recognized professionalism and product quality of WELLCAMP team.


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At the same time, the WELLCAMP team also launched a brand new product series- Expandable Camp House Series- at this exhibition. As a new container camping product, this product immediately gained the love of customers from different countries around the world. Whether it is the convenience of installing without a crane or the area of up to 20 square meters, it provides a new solution for container camping projects. Many clients who own container camping projects are in discussions with the WELLCAMP team to explore the possibility of achieving business cooperation.

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Nowadays, the WELLCAMP team's product lines of container houses, prefabricated houses, steel structure, light steel villa and portable toilets are all selling well in Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Europe, and have achieved satisfactory cooperation with many customers. As a leading manufacturer of container house and prefabricated house in China, WELLCAMP will continue to uohold the concept of "quality first, customer first", continuously innovate, and provide customers with higher quality products and services!

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