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Why choose 20ft Brand New Quick Build WELLCAMP Folding Flat Pack container house?

Project Introduction:

Since 2004, WELLCAMP relies on strict quality control and industry-leading technical capabilities, has successfully completed many projects in different areas and countries. Amongst which, the Folding Flat Pack container house project in Australia have recently received satisfactory feedback from customer.


In this project, the customer has requested an prepossessing activity space to his beautiful garden, so he has put forward pretty and strong convenience building requirements based on it. According to his demands, our team has recommended Folding Flat Pack container house. After efficient discussions with the client, we confirmed all the details in his project and ultimately completed the order, receiving satisfactory feedback from the cilent.

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Product Introduction:

Its standard dimensions is 2.52 meters in width, 5.92 meters in length, 2.65 meters in height. Distinguished and customizable with diversity features have won the highest praise form the customers, reflecting a nice blend of aesthetics and durability.

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This product is easy to install that installation can be completed in just 5 minutes, which economize significant time cost and manpower cost. And it is equipped with built-in drainage pipes, which can drain off water quickly, avoiding water leakage issues. Besides, one 40ft shipping container can load 10 sets of Folding Flat Pack house, further enhances at least 25% transportation cost for the customers.


WELLCAMP insist on putting customers interests first and maintains excellent quality control over products. Folding Flat Pack container house ensures superior quality with galvanized steel structures, main structure thickness of 2.5mm, can withstand wind resistance of Grade 11 and earthquake resistance of Grade 8.


The double glass windows, complemented by PVC sliding frame enhanced with Security Bar. The door adopts a robust steel door with handle lock, offering both security and appearance requirements. Including basic electrical system, it can be used after simple connection.

Future Prospects:

The success of this project in Australia has set a benchmark for the customer and reflects our vision for striving to change the efficient future of the industry. Meanwhile, WELLCAMP will continue to be devoted to technological innovation and best service, providing feasible building solutions for every customer.


Based on the above goals, WELLCAMP has launched 2 brand new products--18㎡ & 20㎡ Expandable Camp house MEGA, forming the Expandable series with existing products, which includes 8 different dimensions -10㎡, 14㎡, 18㎡, 20㎡, 27㎡, 30㎡, 36㎡, 73㎡. The series can meet the diverse needs of customers around the world!

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