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WELLCAMP Container House Project!


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For years, WELLCAMP has been a leading Folding Container House & Expandable Container House manufacturer in China. Driven by unwavering customer support and advanced technology, ensured by strict quality control & professional sales team, we using our Folding Container House & Detachable Container House to completed another Labor Camp project recently .

Three Key Aspects - Cost, Quality, Usage


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Cost-Saving Innovations:

Addressing challenges related to installation, transportation, and labor costs, WELLCAMP's Folding Container features a foldable design, reducing its packaged height to 0.35m for maximize shipment loading quantity. 1*40HQ shipping container can load 12 units, saving 20% or more on shipping costs. The simple installation further enhances cost efficiency by 10%-60% or more depending on local labor cost.

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(WELLCAMP Folding Container House Camp)

WELLCAMP's Detachable Container House stands out with more flexible features, reflect a nice blend of cost-effectiveness and versatility.  Multiple project applications have demonstrated its good adaptability, supporting customized size, including the standard dimensions of 3 meters in width, 5.95 meters in length, and 2.85 meters in height. Notably, the installation process is full manual, no need crane to install and able to loading into both 20GP and 40HQ shipping containers.

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(WELLCAMP Detachable Container House Camp)

Remarkable Quality:

WELLCAMP’s folding container house ensures superior quality with galvanized steel structures, main structure thickness of 2.5mm, can withstand wind resistance of Grade 11 and earthquake resistance of  Reichter 8. Compared to Thermal Plastic IEPS panel, WELLCAMP choose new IEPS fire-resistant sandwich panel for superior waterproofing, fireproofing, and environmental friendliness.

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(WELLCAMP Folding Container House Camp)

WELLCAMP's Detachable Container House is an affordable accommodation option, adopting the strong galvanized steel structure to make sure the strength. The walls boast a meticulous composition, integrating a 50mm EPS core sandwiched. Between layers of Fireproof Glass Wool or Rock Wool, enclosed in a durable 0.476mm steel sheet, the roof reflects a commitment to quality. The windows, complemented by PVC Sliding frame enhanced with Security Bar. The door is adopts a sturdy steel door, offering both security and appearance requirements. Completing the ensemble is an 18mm MGO board flooring, providing a foundation of solidity and delicate to this Detachable Container House.

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(WELLCAMP Folding Container House Camp)

Diverse Applications:

The versatility of WELLCAMP's Folding Container Houses catering to various needs, from workers' quarters to rental residences and mobile offices. The upgraded standard allows for transformation into shops or Villa houses, providing customized solutions.

The success of the Folding Container House project in Africa solidifies WELLCAMP's leadership in the global construction industry. The company remains dedicated to innovation, technological advancements, and providing advanced architectural solutions worldwide. The completion of this project sets a new benchmark for the industry, reflecting WELLCAMP's commitment to shaping the future of sustainable and efficient construction.

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