The buyer should charge the visa fee,two-round-ticket,eating,accommodation and 150 USD/day/person salary for engineer.


Order more than 300000usd will be our gold member,more discount for you first.


To prepare programs before the clients come to visit the factory,during the meeting we will intruduce our factory & products and show the videos of the products to them.All the clients will praise that our factory is very beautiful and clear,that is an important reason that people choose us in competition.In addition,you will find that there are many governments around the world will cooperate with us.maybe we are not the biggest one but we are the strongest one in prefabricetd house field.in the further we will be more and more powerful.hope can get your strong support.

  • 1.Exhibition meeting
    1.Exhibition meeting
  • 2.Meeting
  • 3.Meeting
  • 4.Watch video about Wellcamp
    4.Watch video about Wellcamp
  • 5.Checking in factory
    5.Checking in factory
  • 6.Government visit
    6.Government visit
  • 7.New product introduction
    7.New product introduction
Medium Term

I was proud that all of wellcamp sales can design the house by themselves, they can according to the requirements that come from clients to adjust the design and make 3D drawing also.sometimes we meet a question and we will have a meeting with slaes team,design team and engineer team to discuss,after that to find out a best soludtion to solve out the question.finally we can explain to clients.sometimes we will go to workshop to check every details and feedback to clients.after hard working the clients will give us the sincere deposit for design or start the project ,we are happy to get the trust from client and we have more confidence to be better.

Later Period

Firstly thanks for all clients to support us so that I can write more information here.after the order we will prepare the raw materials and start producing,we have a great QC team who will check every details during producing and after producing.of course we will feedback more information to client and after that we will arrange loading meanwhile we will send all installation drawing & installation video & explain precautions to make sure that the client understand well about the installation. but sometimes they need our installation team to guide his workers to work,we also will arrange for them.after working we will have fun and relax together... and prepare to go every moment.


If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.

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