Detachable Container House

Detachable Container House

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Advantages of detachable container house :
1.The house has good bearing capacity and can be stacked with 2 layers, which is shock-resistant and has high stability.
2.Beautiful appearance and good looking. The frame of detachable container is relatively thick, making the house look stronger.

3.The materials of detachable container house are all integrated and modular. The specifications are uniform, the shape is uniform, and the force is high.

4.Workers are easy to install: ordinary workers can install them without knowing the container welding technology. The materials of the packing boxes are bolted and assembled quickly. It is a veritable quick assembly house.

5.Environmentally friendly products: Now the state has increased the control of welding and painting of container houses. Traditionally welded container houses are relatively polluted. The packing box frame is generally produced by a large enterprise, and the manufacturer must pass the environmental assessment of the environmental protection department. No for the environment

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