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There is a unique container office design in Thailand.

There is a unique container office design in Thailand.

PROJECT IN Southeast Asia 

Wellcamp always consider customers requirements,Whether in product design, technology research and development, quality control, etc., we will continue to meet the needs of our customers.but we also will give some suggestions to the customers,finally we will get an unique product design, the sample the same as our this Thailand office project.

The container office has two floors,each floor is made up of 6 containers, inside connection,expand a more big space.The decoration pays attention to the dynamic partition, the function partition is reasonable, and the guests, office and rest do not bother each other.The space layout is compact, the size must be used, and the utilization rate is high. Large area of floor-to-ceiling glass is used to meet daylighting requirements

The building totally we use 1X40HQ to load all container house,about the decoration we can provide you program or you can design and decorate by yourself in local, it is flexible business.

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