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Wellcamp ripple detachable container villa for vocation village

Wellcamp ripple detachable container villa for vocation village


WELLCAMP sales team has more than 14 years export experience for prefabricated house meanwhile the engineer and international installation engineer teams have more than 15 years experience in the prefab house business.





There is a place,where is the home town of Mr. Siwen who is Wellcamp leader, most of us didn’t know what beautiful it is! And after Chinese New Year, the container hotel project was done there.

It was a long time ago,some people came to office and discussed one day in the tea room,I brought to mind that all of us in the office didn’t get any water from tea room,so we have to order the juice,but we were happy. In the next day, our team had a long meeting to talk about the container hotel in the Chaoshan town.we knew Mr. Siwen must be very excited to hear the project and hope done by him.but he didn’t say any pressures to us,and we wanted to do a wonderful job for him.

Firstly,we got all information from Siwen,such as the quantity of the container,how big for the land,the living habit of the local people and so on.Secondly,sales team & designer team & technical team come to meeting together,when we knew all about the container project and we start division of labor cooperation,the technical team share a best option to sales team and designer team, sales team calculate cost and designer team start designing,final designer team sent us three kinds of container hotel designs,we thought that could be a good ideas for people to choose what they liked.

Design was done but the problem was coming,which was cost problem.

The clients came to visit our factory,they had a good feeling for us,because we could felt it.we prepare a presentation to about this container project,from our option,we chose 50mm IEPS fireproof (ripple shape) sandwich panel for wall (wooden color for internal wall) & 0.45mm steel sheet + 50mm glass wool + steel sheet ceiling & galvanized steel structure. They looked like very interested in our option,many questions came to us,I thought they were satisfied with our answer. But you know final would be the price!we made sure the quality and price couldn’t be low.we were insisted our position for the cost,we had to confirm we had profit from company,but our boss---Mr. Siwen,he said he was willing to do something for his hometown,and he accepted to cut down the cost to make the deal.he said “Less is more”,we knew that was one of the dreams in his life,sometime we could hear his heart,but that day was very serious and uncompromising.

Now all is going well,the beautiful flower town has done perfectly,Mr.Siwen took a holiday with family here and enjoyed the barbecue,music and landscape,the importance was that he did what he wanted. 

Wellcamp is creating the story.



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