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WELLCAMP Amazed the Canton Fair with Its Black Tech

WELLCAMP Amazed the Canton Fair with Its Black Tech


From Oct 15 to Oct 19, Guangzhou ushered its first session of the 122th Canton Fair. With thousands of exhibitors displaying their products covering over ten industries, this grand international fair attracted numerous suppliers at home and abroad. Again, creativity has become the theme of the fair.  Among  the creative exhibitors, Foshan WELLCAMP Building Materials Co., Ltd is one that has captured the eyes of huge crowds of suppliers. What amazed the visitors most at WELLCAMP is the famous folding container house.

Suppliers were amazed at the convenience feature of the folding container developed by WELLCAMP , meaning that it can be turned into a house in just 4 minutes with the labor of only four workers, which makes it widely applicable in occasions where urgent housing is needed, such as construction site and refugee house in disaster. Many suppliers showed great interest in this innovative container house and hope to use it for their production or construction, so that they left their contact information for further enquiry.

As we continued to receive exciting news from the fair, WELLCAMP ’s folding container home also won recognition from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) which honored us the Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards. This will greatly inspire us to explore further on innovation and excellency.

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