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Expandable Container Villa Resort in Guadeloupe

Expandable Container Villa Resort in Guadeloupe

Newest project feedback from Guadeloupe, that it is in the middle of the Lesser Antilles Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

This is a resort project in local, the trail order is 2 units and whole project total need 36 units. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, one living room and one opening kitchen design, also you can change one bedroom to study room or cancel one bedroom to make a big bedroom in this apartment.

In this resort project, why the customer choose the expandable container house? The most important point is the installation cost in Guadeloupe is very very high, while our expandable container house is fast installation, 4 people can install one house within 2 hours, it can cut down many money. Second, no need do the house foundation. At the bottom side, it have 8 sets adjusting supporting feet, so it doesn’t strict require the land level is flat. Third, compare the civil construction, expandable container house have competitive price and modern design.

This expandable container house technical design, beside the container apartment design, it also can used for temporary container office, container isolation room and container classroom etc. 

If you are interested our expandable container house, pls don’t hesitate to contact us for more detail information.

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